Make Notepad++ the default App for .txt file extensions

On Windows Operating System but default all .txt extension files (.txt) are opened in Notepad Application, but Notepad lacks advanced features if you want to manipulate the text in the file - such as - Find and Replace using Regular Expressions, Syntax Highlighting, Indentation, XML, JSON validation and so much more. So if you are a programmer or a Computer Science student I am sure you would like to open text files in Notepad++.

Steps: Make Notepad++ an Default Application for .txt file

  1. Right Click on any .txt file,

  2. Click on Properties,

  3. Click on the button Change... beside Open With:,

  4. Now Click on More apps... and select Notepad++,

  5. If you do not see it in the list click on: "Look for another app in PC",

  6. You will find Notepad++ App installed in either of Program Files or Program Files (x86) based on 32-64 bit version.

  7. Select notepad++.exe application

  8. Now all the .txt files will open in Notepad++

Open txt files in Notepad++ by default
Open txt files in Notepad++ by default

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