Fix: Windows 10/11 Update Install Error - 0x80070103

Windows Update Error Code - 0x80070103

Error Message:
Windows Update

There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later. 
If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support
for information, this may help - (0x80070103).

Reason for Windows Update Error 0x80070103

    The error "0x80070103" usually occurs when you are trying to update hardware drivers on your Windows 10/11/Server's Operating System that is already up-to-date.

    Typically when you see a list of Windows updates for hardware such as - Graphic Cards, Network Adapters, Audio Drivers, Printers, Webcam, Keyboard, Mouse, e.t.c. and when installing the update it fails.

Fix for Windows Update 0x80070103 Error

  1. The Windows Update is attempting to install a driver that is already present - see related article.
  2. Where you see the "0x80070103" error in Windows Update, right-click on the update and select "Hide update."

    Steps to hide an update with 0x80070103 error
    • Open Control Panel
    • Now click on System and Security -> Windows Update
    • To hide an update, click the link important updates are available/optional updates are available.
    • Niw select the update that you want to hide, right-click on it, and then click Hide update.
  3. Manually try to update the hardware by going to Device Manager.

Conclusion: The error "0x80070103" error is not a critical error, but it is always a good practice to ensure your drivers are up to date of your hardware components.

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