Fix Something went wrong 0xCAA20004 [Microsoft Teams]

⛔️ Something went wrong

We couldn't sign you in. If this error persists, contact your system administrator and
provide the error code CAA20004

Additional problem information
Error code: CAA20004
Correlation ID: xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx
Timestamp: 2022-04-11T10:11:01Z
More information:
Server message: AADST590123; The token can',1 be issued because the identity or
claim issuance provider denied the request. Response code: access denied. Trace ID:
xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx Correlation ID: xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Timestamp: 2022-04-11T10:11:231Z.

If you get a CAA20004 error with Teams when you are trying to Sign in, then you must reach out to your company's System Administrator and seek help stating this code. He/She will need to make sure of Azure Active Directory (AAD) configuration policies.

Your request needs to be approved by a resource owner or authorization server.


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