Fix Microsoft Teams Admin Center error - The Security zone setting isnt configured correctly


You receive an error "The Security zone setting isn't configured correctly" while signing in to Microsoft 365 Teams Admin Center via a browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, other).
You have necessary admin access, but still can't login.

Microsoft Teams error - The security zone setting isn't configured correctly.PNG
Microsoft Teams error - The security zone setting isn't configured correctly

The Security zone setting isn't configured correctly.

Please make sure these two domains are added to the trusted sites in IE or Microsoft Edge: and If you are using other browsers, please close all browser windows and try again.

Correlation ID: [Correlation ID GUID]
Time stamp: [Time of error]

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Possible cause of problem

  1. Error occurs from browser. May work in some browsers, based on the settings.
  2. Network firewall thinks the domain is not safe.
  3. Anti virus might be blocking the link.
  4. Incorrect browser settings.
  5. Security zone is not configured for this link/website.
  6. The URL itself may be blocked.

How to Fix

  1. Trust and whitelist the 2 Microsoft Teams URLs from the message in IE browser.
  2. Tools --> Internet Options --> Security --> Trusted Sites --> Sites --> Add this website to the zone

    Enter these 2 links and close -,

  3. Repeat for Edge browser.
  4. Try trusting the links from your anti-virus / Windows Defender.
  5. Enabling site tracking from browser.
  6. Contact your IT Team or Office 365 Administrator if none of the above help.

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