Fix Microsoft Teams error We're sorry—we have run into an issue Try again

If you run into error "We're sorry—we've run into an issue Try again" with Microsoft Teams, try out these options to fix it. The error message gives a button "Try again", but that does not help. If further adds "If that doesn't work, try signing out and back in.".

Microsoft Teams error - We're sorry—we've run into an issue.PNG
Microsoft Teams error - We're sorry—we've run into an issue

Isolate and narrow down the problem

  1. Verify the behavior from different devices, if its failing only on one, probably its an account related issue.
    • Teams Desktop Client
    • Teams web from a browser
    • Teams mobile App - Android/iPhone
  2. Login from a different machine with your account and check the behaviour. If it works, problem with probably with your laptop or account on the laptop.
  3. Ask your colleague/friend to login with their account to your laptop/desktop. If it works, problem is with your account.

Possible fixes

  1. Simple! do not scratch your head, get hold of your IT guy and ask for help.
  2. Sign out completely from Teams and restart Teams.
  3. Reboot your laptop/desktop and retry.
  4. Clear Teams Cache files from Windows/MAC (close teams, clear cache and restart Teams). Delete all files from below 2 paths -
    %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Application Cache\Cache

    For Teams in browser, clear browser temporary internet files and cookies

  5. Go to Windows Credential Manager, check for problems there. Clear credentials/password and re-login.
  6. Go to list of Accounts (work/school) from your laptop and check for issues. Disconnect and re-login with your credentials.
  7. Upgrade your internet bandwidth.
  8. Update Teams. There may be a possible fix with a new update.

If nothing works, open a case with Microsoft support.

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