5 ways to pop out a Chat in Microsoft Teams

Teams Pop Out Chat Screen

One might want to pop out a chat in Microsoft Teams for various reasons such as:

  • Multi-tasking by separate window to continue chatting while still being able to work on other tasks in the main app.
  • If you work on multiple screens, popping out chat will let you work both on Teams App as well as chat on another screen thus improving visibility and avoid confusion.

There are may scenarios and ways to open a Pop-out chat window in Teams, we will look at five of them.

1. From the chat list

Pop-out Chat from Chat List
  • Select the Chat icon on the left side of Teams.
  • Find the person you want to chat with.
  • Click on the 3 dots and select Pop-out chat.

2. Hovering over the name on the chat list

Hovering over the user in chat list to open chat popup
  • Hover your cursor over the person you want to chat in the left chat list.
  • You would see a "pop out chat" icon
  • Click on it to open chat window separately.

3. From a user chat Window.

Pop out chat as you chat with a person on teams
  • If you are already chatting with someone and want to open the chat in new pop up window, simply click on the chat pop icon on the extreme top right of the window.

3. From a profile picture of a collogue/user.

Double click on user profile
  • Simply double-click on the profile picture of a user to open the chat pop-out window.

3. Using the teams command box

This is for advance users of teams.

Using the pop command in teams search
  • In the command/search box type /pop and press
  • You would be asked to search a person. Search for it and press enter.
  • The pop-out chat will appear as a new window!

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