Java XML-RPC Address already in use

If you are trying to run your XML-RPC based web server and you get the following error,

XML-RPC Server Started!
JavaXmlRpcServer: Address already in use error.

This means that you have already some service running on this port that you have used to deploy your web service, to resolve this issue either you have to stop the service that's running (example apache or IIS server running on port 80 or tomcat server if you have specified port as 8080).

BindException states that you are attempting to bind a socket to a port and the port is in use, or the requested local address could not be assigned.

How to kill the service on Unix/Linux based environment:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run the command with the port used: example: lsof -i :1081
  3. You will get an output with ProcessID - PID if some process is running on it.
    java    4723 code2care   22u  IPv6 0x30asf0sdsdf      0t0  TCP *:pvusdfien (LISTEN)
  5. Now kill the process by running the following command: kill -9 (example: kill -9 4723)
  6. Now try to run the server you would not get BindException exception

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