How to enable Do Not Disturb (DND) mode in Microsoft Teams

At times we all want to focus on an important task or assignment and do not want to be disturbed via individual, group, or channel notifications on Microsoft Teams, in scenario's like these you can enable DND - Do Not Disturb mode,

How to Enable Do Not Disturb in Teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams,
  2. Click on your User Icon (next to top minimize button)
  3. Hover over Available and you would see options like - Busy, Do Not Disturb, Be right back, Appears Away,
  4. Select Do Not Disturb
  5. You would see your Status symbol as ⛔️
  6. Now if anyone messages you, you will not get a notification aleart and sound.
Microsoft Teams Do Not Disturb Mode
Microsoft Teams Do Not Disturb Mode
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