MacOS Safari Fullscreen Keyboard Shortcuts

⛏️ Safari Fullscreen Keyboard Shortcut: Command + Control + F

If you want to enter into fullscreen mode or exit full screen mode in Safari browser for macOS you can make use of the Command + Control + F key combinations.

When you press these key combinations you will notice that the Safari goes into full screen on your Mac and the menu bar is hidden as well. In order to see the Menubar when in full screen mode, just hover your mouse over the top of the Smart Search (Address bar), you would see the menubar appear and as you hover out it disappears.

In order to exit the fullscreen mode in Safari - simply press the Keys Command + Control + F again and you will out of fullscreen mode.

You can also use the Safari Menu Options to enter and exit fullscreen mode:

  1. Go to Safari Menu Option,

  2. Click on View,

  3. Select: Enter Full Screen to enter full screen

  4. Select: Exit Full Screen to exit from full screen.

Safari browser in full screen mode on macOS
Safari browser in full screen mode on macOS

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