Fix: 403 Forbidden/Access Denied Error during Windows Software Updates

Fix - Error 403 Forbidden Windows Software Updates

Reason for 403 Error:

    You can get a 403 error, when you try to access the Windows 10/11/Server Software Update.

    The 403 error can be of the below types.

    HTTP 403 Forbidden

    HTTP 403 Access Denied

    HTTP 403 Access Unauthorized


    1. The hosts file under "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" is misconfigured.
    2. Your Antivirus or Firewall is causing issues.
    3. Error 403 can occur when you are making use of download assistant plugins or software with Windows Edge or other browsers.
    4. It could be so that the Windows Update Site Control is missing or is corrupt on your device.

How to fix Error 403

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