All directional arrows codes for HTML

Many times when writing documentation or tech blog content you may want to use arrows to display navigation if you are looking for such arrow codes in HTML, here is a list of them|,

Four direction arrows:

  1. Right (Forward, East) Arrow:

    HTML Code: →

  2. Left (Backward, West) Arrow:

    HTML Code: ←

  3. Up (North) Arrow :

    HTML Code: ↑

  4. Down (South) Arrow:

    HTML Code: ↓

More directional Arrows:

  1. North West Arrow:

    HTML Code: ↖

  2. North East Arrow:

    HTML Code: ↗

  3. South East Arrow:

    HTML Code: ↘

  4. South West Arrow:

    HTML Code: ↙

You can use these arrows directly in your webpage code but make sure you have enabled UTF-8 encoding in your IDE and also using UTF-8 meta tag in your HTML head section or else they won't be displayed properly.

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