Bash Command To Get Current Time

We can make use of the date command to get the current date and time.


$ date

Mon Aug 14 07:00:03 GMT 2023

If you just want to display the current time then you can add the date formatting string as follows.

$ date +'%H:%M:%S'

Bash Command get Current Time

If you want to know the time of a specific location, then you can make use of the timezone string.

List for Timezones Time using Bash Date Command:

TimezoneBash Command to Get Current Time
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)date -u
New York (Eastern Time Zone)TZ="America/New_York" date
Los Angeles (Pacific Time Zone)TZ="America/Los_Angeles" date
Chicago (Central Time Zone)TZ="America/Chicago" date
Denver (Mountain Time Zone)TZ="America/Denver" date
Phoenix (Mountain Standard Time)TZ="America/Phoenix" date
Anchorage (Alaska Time Zone)TZ="America/Anchorage" date
Honolulu (Hawaii-Aleutian Time)TZ="Pacific/Honolulu" date
London (Greenwich Mean Time)TZ="Europe/London" date
Paris (Central European Time)TZ="Europe/Paris" date
Berlin (Central European Time)TZ="Europe/Berlin" date
Rome (Central European Time)TZ="Europe/Rome" date
Athens (Eastern European Time)TZ="Europe/Athens" date
Moscow (Moscow Standard Time)TZ="Europe/Moscow" date
Tokyo (Japan Standard Time)TZ="Asia/Tokyo" date
Sydney (Australian Eastern Time)TZ="Australia/Sydney" date
Mumbai (Indian Standard Time)TZ="Asia/Kolkata" date
Beijing (China Standard Time)TZ="Asia/Shanghai" date
Hong Kong (Hong Kong Time)TZ="Asia/Hong_Kong" date
Riyadh (Arabian Standard Time)TZ="Asia/Riyadh" date
Dubai (Gulf Standard Time)TZ="Asia/Dubai" date
Johannesburg (South Africa Time)TZ="Africa/Johannesburg" date
Sao Paulo (BrasΓ­lia Time)TZ="America/Sao_Paulo" date
New Delhi (India Standard Time)TZ="Asia/Kolkata" date
Toronto (Eastern Time Zone)TZ="America/Toronto" date

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