Notepad++ Editor alternatives for macOS

We all love Notepad++ Text Editor! It is the most advanced and easy-to-use editor available and it's free!! But it's unfortunate that Notepad++ does not support macOS! So you have to look for alternatives or equivalents.

Alternatives for Notepad++

1. TextEdit: macOS is shipped with TextEdit default editor just like we have Notepad for Windows, it is much better in features as compared to Notepad like support for regular expressions but does not have plugins and other features like Syntax Highlighting String operations.

2. Sublime Text: It's one of the best Cross-Platform text editors that are available in the market. Works on All major Operating systems. As Notepad++, Sublime Text does have plugins support which makes it a powerful choice for Mac OS X. Only thing is it has a Proprietary software license.

3. BBEdit: This is yet another good alternative. Features include: Search and replace, syntax coloring for major programming languages, code folding, FTP and SFTP support, AppleScript, macOS Unix scripting support, text, and code completion HTML markup tools, and pattern (regex) matching support.

4 jEdit: it is a powerful text editor with hundreds of features and plugins. It's free software and its source code is released under GPL 2.0

Some features:

  • Works on macOS, Unix and Windows Platforms.
  • Supports Syntax highlighting for over 200 programming languages.
  • Auto Indent feature and Word Wrap
  • Its highly configurable and customizable.
  • 100s Plugins and Macros supported that can be downloaded using Plugin Manager.

5 Smultron 7 : It is a Paid Text Editor that you can download from the App Store. It is a very powerful easy to use editor with many helpful tools.

If you haven't found the right one you are looking here are some more ...

  1. TextMate
  2. TextWrangler
  3. Chocolat
  4. WriteRoom
  5. SubEthaEdit 4
  6. Fraise
  7. Kod
  8. Brackets
  9. Textastic
  10. VIM

There are a lot of free and paid text editors available for macOS. Though there is no Notepad++ for macOS, you would surely find a substitute.


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