Free and easy audio video screen recording using Microsoft PowerPoint

Recording training sessions and presentations is something very often required by many of us, be it in offices, schools or colleges. It doesn't stop there, you would definitely need this if you are a Youtuber and looking for a tool to record your computer screen and upload the video on Youtube.

You may think this can be easily achieved using apps like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Hangouts, Skype. But what if you do not have access to any of these and looking for a free option ?
Well, your old friend PowerPoint comes handy here!

PowerPoint has a built in feature for this. You will require Microsoft Office license for this.

How to record screen using Microsoft PowerPoint?

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Navigate to section Insert --> Media --> Screen Recording
  3. This will display 5 options
    • Record - Start/Pause the recording, you need to select area first
    • Stop/Timer - Stop the recording, also shows recorded time
    • Select Area - Select custom area, the part of screen you want to record
    • Audio - Enable/Disable recording of audio/voice
    • Record Pointer - Enable/Disable recording of pointor/cursor
  4. Click Stop when recording is completed. You can pause recording in between and continue.
  5. The recorded video will be automatically added to your PowerPoint slide. You can play it inline.
  6. To save the video to your computer, right click on the recorded video and select "Save Media As".
  7. Once saved locally, you can use this video anywhere or share with others.
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