Compare two files in Notepad++

A Comparator is a very useful tool for a developer to detect any changes in source code between two versions of a file.

Notepad++ Provides a plug-in to Compare files called Compare with the following features,

Features :

  1. Results displayed Side-by-side in two windows.

  2. Can compare files from SVN repo.

  3. Highlight differences inside lines.

  4. Navigation bar that displays map of compared files.

  5. Detects lines that are moved.

  6. Navigate between differences though previous, next , First, Last menu buttons.

  7. Customizable results presentation.

⚡️ A comparator plug-in is not available by default in Notepad++ application, you need to download this app.

Installing Compare plug-in

  1. Goto Menu -> Plugin ->Show Plugin Manager

  2. Under Plugin Manager Available tab, look for Compare, Select Compare check-box and install.

  3. Notepad++ will re restarted so do save unchanged files.

  4. When Application reloads you would see Compare option under Plugins Menu.

  5. Now open two files that you want to compare, and go-to Plugins -> Compare -> Compare

  6. The Notepad++ Window splits into two and Compare results are displayed.

How to read Comparator results :

Compare Results.png
Compare Results.png
  1. Green coloured line indicates Line which is added to the New Version of the File (Green + sign at the line number).
  2. Red/Pink coloured line indicates Line which is deleted (Red + sign at line number).
  3. Blue/Dark Greyish coloured line indicates Line which is moved.
  4. Yellow coloured line indicates Line which is changed.
  5. Light Grey line indicates Line which is Blank.

⛏️ You can change these colour options through Menu -> Compare -> Option

Comparator plug-in is released under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Plugin webpage :

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