How to reset Eclipse IDE Code Font

If you had increased or decreased the font size for text and want to reset it to the default once you can follow the below steps,

  1. Go to Windows (Eclipse if on macOS) on the menu bar,
  2. Go to Preferences -> General -> Appereances,
  3. Now Go to Colors and Fonts,
  4. Now Click on the on Reset to Default button, just below preview,
  5. This should reset the font size to default.

Note: If you do the reset as per the above steps - it will reset all the changes to font and sizes you have done such as Java, Git, etc if you wish to reset the font to any specific type you can do that by expanding the folders and selecting the specific type and doing a reset to default.

❗️ The default font size for code in Eclipse is 12.
Eclipse Reset Font Size to Default
Eclipse Reset Font Size to Default

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