How to get Spotify macOS App installed on Mac device

With macOS Big Sur and the M1 based Mac devices now you can run native iOS applications on your Mac, but when I checked the App Store I did not find Spotify App.

If you are wondering how to get Spotify installed on your Mac device then you would need to get the .dmg file from their website.

Downloading Spotify for Mac Device
Download URL:

Once you click on this link, you may get a pop-up that reads as below,

Do you want to allow downloads on “”? 

You can change which websites can download files in Websites Preferences.
Install Spotify application downloads
Install Spotify application downloads

Click on Allow. Once it's downloaded, click on the download icon on Safari and double click on "Install Spotify" to open the app installer.

Note - Again you will get a warning as the app has been downloaded from the web.

“Install Spotify” is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

Safari downloaded this file today at 7:10 PM from Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected.
Downloading Spotify

After you click install, you will see the downloading... window once that's done your app is installed and you can log in and use Spotify natively on your Mac device.

Once you log in you would be asked permission to download the folder - you can click ok

“Spotify” would like to access files in your Downloads folder.

Spotify will scan your Downloads folder for audio files. You will find them in the side navigation if you enable Local Files in Spotify's settings.
Spotify would like to access files in your Download folder

How to Open Spotify App on Mac

You can open the app in multiple ways -

1 - Open Spotlight Search (Shortcut: Command + Spacebar) and type: Spotify and press enter.

2 - Pinch in with all 4 fingers on your trackpad to open Mission Control and look for the Spotify App icon.

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