How to Right Click on Mac Desktop?

If you have just purchased a new Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Studio, and are very new to macOS Operating System, then you might have a question! How to do a right click on Mac Desktop?

Right Click (as called on Windows) is known as Control-Click on Mac devices, as you must have noticed that there are no bottom buttons on the trackpad, in order to do a right click on the desktop simply tap on the trackpad with two fingers, this will give you the option to create a new folder, Change Desktop Background, Sort Desktop icons and many more,

Right click on Mac Desktop Options

✌️Tap with two fingers on your Mac Trackpad to perform Right Click

Perform Right Click using Keyboard + Trackpad

You can also press the Control button and single finger tap on the Trackpad, this is called the Control-Click and behaves just like a right-click on Windows.

You can check about more gestures that you can make use of on your Macbook by going to Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Trackpad

Mac Trackpad Setting
Mac Trackpad Setting

The right click option as you can see is the secondly click using two fingers,

MacBook Secondary click
MacBook Secondary click
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