How to Press a Enter in Cell for New Line on Microsoft Excel on Mac

If you type some data in a cell on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, on the Mac, you will notice that the cell below will get activated. But seems your intent was to add a new line in the same cell, you wanted to get on to the next line, right?

Well in such a case you will need to press Option ⌥ + Return (Enter) key on your Mac/Macbook keyboard.

You can check out the below gif demo to see this in action.

Demo - How to press Enter or Return Key to enter new line in same cell Excel on Mac
Refresh the page if the Gif is not animating

This will work on any Mac - Macbook Air/Pro, iMac, Mac Studio, or the Mac Mini.

If at any time you want to add more content on a cell to the next line, place your cursor at the end of the text and hit the Option + Return (Enter) key.


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