Copy all .vcf Mobile Contacts files into one .vcf

merge vcf contacts into one file
merge vcf contacts into one file

If you have an old mobile phone (not a smart one) like the one I have Samsung duos gt-e2252 you would not be able to backup all the SIM card contacts .vcf files at once, you would see that individual files are added to contact folder. So it becomes really tedious to import contacts individually on some other phone (Especially smartphones like Android and iPhones). It would be amazing if there is a tool that merges all such files in one large vcf file, thankfully you don't even need a tool for this, the Command Prompt on Microsoft Windows Operating System is able to do so,

Copy all .vcf files into one large file:

  1. Open Command Prompt : Go to Run (Ctrl + R) and type cmd and press enter.

  2. Now browse to the folder were you have placed all the contacts. If there are scattered, move them into one folder.

  3. Once your there type the command : copy *.vcf contacts.vcf

  4. You should now see a vcf file created in the same folder that have all files merged.

  5. This really saved a lot of time for me, hope it helps someone who is in similar situation.

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