Setting up RSS feeds notifications within Outlook

This post explains how we can set up RSS feeds and feed notification within Outlook,

Steps to setup RSS feeds :
  1. Login to Outlook client.
  2. Navigate to RSS Feeds section in Outlook.
  3. Right Click and Select "Add a New RSS Feed".
  4. When a message appears click YES. Note : You maybe asked to re-enter your credentials.
  5. Now a folder will be added in RSS Feeds section : You can rename it.
  6. Now enter your feeds url of the feeds.
  7. You will be prompted You should only add subscriptions from sources you know and trust : Click YES.
Steps to set up alert notifications for RSS Feed :
  1. Under Home tab select "Rules".
  2. Click Manage Rules and Alerts -> Click New Rule.
  3. Now, Select Apply rule on messages I receive under Start from a blank rule ->Click NEXT.
  4. Select From any RSS Feed -> Click NEXT.
  5. Select Display a desktop alert.
  6. Now, Select Forward it to people or public group for sending email notification.
  7. Select exceptions, if required -> Click Next.
  8. Provide a name for rule and click Finish
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