List of Java Major Minor Version Numbers

You must have at time received java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError when you try to run a Java Class or application,

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: MyJavaClass :
 Unsupported major.minor version 61.0

The reason you would get this error is your class files might be build using a higher version of Java Compiler and your JVM (JRE) does not support it.

List of Java Major Minor Versions

Java version Major Version Hex Code
Java SE 17 61 (0x3D)
Java SE 16 60 (0x3C)
Java SE 15 59 (0x3B)
Java SE 14 58 (0x3A)
Java SE 13 57 (0x39)
Java SE 12 56 (0x38)
Java SE 11 55 (0x37)
Java SE 10 54 (0x36)
Java SE 953(0x35)
Java SE 852(0x34)
Java SE 751(0x33)
Java SE 6.050(0x32)
Java SE 5.049(0x31)
JDK 1.448 (0x30)
JDK 1.347 (0x2F)
JDK 1.246 (0x2E)
JDK 1.145 (0x2D)

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