Display Safari URL address link on hover

You must have noticed that Safari browser does not show the link details at the bottom left side of the browser as you would see in Firefox or Google Chrome.

I believe it is very important to know what does the URL (or an anchor link as developer call it) on a webpage looks like before clicking on it - "Double checking if the url is a genuine and from a genuine domain". I prefer not to click on a link unless I am sure about its authenticity.

How to enable url link preview on hover?

If you are looking for an option to enable link details on hover, you will need to enable the "Status Bar", in order to enable the status bar, you need to go to the Safari menu and click on View and select "Show Status bar" option. Once you do this when you will hover over any link on a webpage you will see its complete url displayed at the bottom left side of Safari with a gray background, it will fade away as soon as you move away from a link.

  1. Open Safari,
  2. Now go to Safari Menu -> View,
  3. Click on "Show Status Bar",
Safari Show link url on hover
Safari Show link url on hover

Note if you click Control and click on any url it opens in a new tab, one good thing I see is when you click control and hover over a link its reads "Open link-url in a new tab

Safari link details seen at bottom left
Safari link details seen at bottom left

✌️You can also use the Keyboard Shortcut: Command + / to toggle between enabling and disabling Status Bar!

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