Alternatives for Notepad++ on Mac in 2021

Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac 2021
Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac 2021

It's 2021 and we had the M1 Mac's lineup released, and like always whenever I buy a new MacBook and I try to get all my programming software installed the one thing I look for is Notepad++, yes it's still not available for Mac! If you are wondering which are some of the best alternatives that you can choose from then here is our list,

  1. Sublime Text:
  2. Visual Studio Code (VS Code):
  3. BBEdit 14:
  4. Brackets:
  5. Nova 3:
  6. Textastic:
  7. Atom:
  8. UltraEdit:
  9. CodeRunner 4:
  10. MacVim Text Editor:
  11. TextWrangler: Its now BBEdit
  12. Vim: Pre-installed
  13. Nano: Pre-installed
  14. TextMate:
  15. Komodo Edit:
  16. GNU Emacs:
  17. Setapp:
  18. CodeRunnder:
  19. Espresso:
  20. TextEdit: Pre-installed
  21. TextEdit: Pre-installed on macOS Big Sur.

Note that some of the above ones are already available with macOS. Some of the Text editors in the list are paid versions but most of them are free!

If you know any other good editors other then the list provided do add in the comments.

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