Chrome : When Adobe flash player has finished updating, reload this page to active it

When Adobe flash player has finished updating, reload this page to active it.


Adobe flash player is blocked because it is out of date!

If you are getting such error messages in Google's Chrome browser infobar then it means that you need to upgrade Google Chrome Browser. It will also upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash plugin.

1. In Chrome at top right, Click on the Chrome menu.

2. Now click on About Google Chrome

3. Chrome may suggest you restart to update to the latest version.

Adobe Flash Vulnerability issue :
Information for administrators Critical vulnerabilities
 have been discovered in Adobe Flash Player. They're already part
 of exploit kits. The latest Chrome version already contains the
 necessary updates. If Chrome automatically updates (recommended)
 in your organization, there is no further action necessary.
 If however, for any reason you have manually disabled updates,
 and the Flash version is determined to be unsafe, users will
 begin seeing flash content blocked by default and see an infobar
 prompting them to update. We determine the severity of this
 vulnerability to be serious enough to warrant this action.

As an administrator, you could choose to suppress this blocking
 by default and infobar message by using the AllowOutdatedPlugins
 policy. However this is strongly discouraged and our recommendation
 is to update Chrome to the latest version.

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