How to Update Google Chrome Browser on Mac?

Updating Google Chrome Browser is very seamless across platforms, if you are using Chrome on your Mac device and what to update it, you can follow the below steps,

Steps to update Google Chrome on Mac

  1. Open Chrome on your Mac,
  2. Now at the top right side you should see the Menu with "three dots"
    Chrome Menu - Three dots
  3. You would see 3 different colors if there is an update available:
    • Green: If the update is available and 2 days old.
    • Orange: If the update is available and 4 days old.
    • Red: If the update is available and a week old.
  4. If no color appears as in my case, your browser is up-to-date, if you see a color then click on the 3 dots and you should see Update Google Chrome.
  5. Once the update is done click Relaunch.

How to check the current version of your Chrome browser?

You can check the version of your browser by click on 3 dots -> Settings, and you should see About Chrome at the bottom left of the Menu Options,

My Browser version details as shown
Version 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (arm64)

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