List all installed packages (Formulae) in Homebrew on Mac

Let us take a look at how to find the list of all the installed packages (Formulae) on your Mac using the homebrew package manager.

  1. Open Terminal App.
  2. Type the command: brew list
    % brew list
    ==> Formulae
    bash-completion	gettext		libzip		openssl@1.1	tldr
    brotli		icu4c		lua		python@3.10	tree
    c-ares		imagesnap	lz4		python@3.11	xz
    ca-certificates	libnghttp2	micro		readline	zstd
    cscope		libuv		mpdecimal	ruby
    gdbm		libyaml		node		sqlite
    ==> Casks
    docker			visual-studio-code
    rar			zulu8

As you would see not the list of Formulae but also Casks using the list command.

Brew Command to get list of all installed packages

Do you know?

In Homebrew the packages or binaries are called "formulae" which is a British plural for "formula"

Cask: It a file is written in Ruby which is a DSL that describes how to install applications.

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