Java: max() and min() methods java.lang.Math

Let's take a look at the Math class from java.lang which has the static max and min methods that can be used to find the max and the min of two numbers passed in as a input argument.

package org.example;

public class MaxMinAvgExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        int no1 = 10;
        int no2 = 20;

        System.out.println("Max number is: " + Math.max(no1, no2));

        System.out.println("Min number is: " + Math.min(no1, no2));

Max number is: 20
Min number is: 10

More Examples:
Math.max(14, 12)         -> Output: 12 
Math.min(-1, 2)          -> Output: -1

Math.max(14.2, 14.3)        -> Output: 14.3 
Math.min(2.2, 4.5)          -> Output: 2.2

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