How to connect Airpods to Macbook Air or Pro?

Apple Airpods are the wireless Bluetooth earphones that were released in December 2016 and it's successor, 2nd generation in the year 2019, there are premium earphones accessory for Apple products such as iPhones, iPods, Macbooks.

Connecting AirPods with Macbook

If you want to know how to connect Airpods to your Macbook, here are some easy steps that can help you achieve that,

Connecting Airpods to Macbook Air/Macbook Pro

  1. Open the lid of your Airpods,
  2. Now press & hold the setup button on your case, release it when you see the while light flashing,
  3. Now on your Mac, Goto Apple (logo) --> System Preferences --> Click Bluetooth,
  4. From the devices list, select AirPods and click Connect.
  5. That's it

Enable Siri with Airpods using Macbook Air/Macbook Pro

If you want to use Siri with Airpods while using your Macbook, try the below steps after you follow the above ones, Click Enable to be able to say Hey Siri

Connecting Airpods tp Macbook while they are paired with iPhone: Handoff

If your AirPods are already paired with your iPhone, they can be quickly connected to your Mac using Handoff, some prerequisites,

  1. Your Mac Should support Handoff,
  2. You must be signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID.
Steps to connect:
  1. Open your AirPods case,
  2. Click the Volume Control on your Macbook top right Menu bar,
  3. Choose AirPods.
⚡️ These steps should work on both macOS Mojave 10.14 and Catalina 10.15
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