Two Ways to Extract rar (*.rar) files on Mac

There is no built-in support for files with .rar extensions on the Mac running on macOS. So if you have a *.rar file downloaded from the web, or shared with you by your office colleague or friend, you will need an application or a binary that will extract RAR files.

Let us take a look at 2 different ways you can extract rar files,

1. Install rar formula using Homebrew

  • Open Terminal App,
  • Type the below command,
    % brew install rar
    ==> Downloading
    ==> Installing Cask rar
    ==> Moving Generic Artifact 'default.sfx' to '/opt/homebrew/lib/default.sfx'
    ==> Moving Generic Artifact 'rarfiles.lst' to '/opt/homebrew/etc/rarfiles.lst'
    ==> Linking Binary 'rar' to '/opt/homebrew/bin/rar'
    ==> Linking Binary 'unrar' to '/opt/homebrew/bin/unrar'
    🍺  rar was successfully installed!

    Note: If you get error "zsh: brew command not found" then you need to install homebrew

    RAR will be installed from

  • To extract a file use command unrar e filename.rar


    % unrar e myDir.rar

2. Install tools from the Mac App Store

There is a lot of rar file archiver and unarchive software that you can get from the official App Store on Mac. Here are a few of them you can try,

  1. Unzip - RAR ZIP 7Z Unarchiver:
  2. The Unarchiver:
  3. RAR Extractor - Unarchiver:

Let us take a look at how to install The Unarchiver app on the Mac,

The Unarchive install on Mac using App Store
  • Open App Store by going to Apple Menu -> App Store... (or Spotlight Search),
  • Now Type in search "The Unarchiver",
  • Click on the Get icon (you may be asked to enter your Apple ID Password or use Touch ID),
  • Click Open once installed.
  • Make sure to select the RAR options when the Preferences options come up.
Make sure to select RAR Archive Option

To use this app simply right-click on the rar extension file and select Open With -> The Unarchiver

Extract rar file example Mac

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