How to Apply Themes to Notepad++

Notepad++ is undoubtedly the most powerful Text Editor for the Windows Platform. Apart from Plugins we also have various custom themes to Notepad++. Themes are nothing but XML files with color definitions for various parameters and are Programming language-specific. By default, stylers.xml theme is applied to Notepad++ and there are 20 other themes available.

To Apply a theme goto Menu : Settings -> Style Configurator -> Select Theme Dropdown

Notepad++ Themes Demo.gif
Notepad++ Themes Demo.gif

Default Theme:

1 Default Theme.png
1 Default Theme
2 Bespin.png
2 Bespin.png
3 Black board.png
3 Black board.png

Some of the Themes available:

  • Bespin
  • MossyLawn
  • Navajo
  • Obsidian
  • Plastic Code Wrap
  • Ruby Blue
  • Solarized-Light
  • Solarized
  • Twilight
  • Vibrant Ink
  • Vim Dark Blue
  • Black board
  • Zenburn
  • Choco
  • Deep Black
  • Hello Kitty
  • HotFudgeSundae
  • Khaki
  • Mono Industrial
  • Monokai
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