How to clear Microsoft Teams Cache on Mac (macOS)

If for some reason you are having issues with the Microsoft Teams application on your Mac, then you may be asked by the admin to clean the cache and check.

Below are a few easy and safe steps you can try on your Mac to clear Teams cache,

  1. Make sure Teams is not running, if it is, right-click on the Teams icon on the dock and select Quit, or on the Microsoft Teams Menu select Quit.
    Quit Microsoft Teams on Mac
    Quit Teams using Dock
    Quit Microsoft Teams macOS Menu
    Quit Teams using Menu
  2. Press Command + Spacebar (or F4 if on Macbook) to open Spotlight search and type Terminal and open. You can also open it by going to Finder and /Applications/Utilities -> Terminal
    Open Terminal using Spotlight Search
  3. Now copy and paste the below command and press enter.
    rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams
    Remove Teams cache command for Mac
  4. Open the Teams app now! The cache has been cleared!

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