How to turn on channel notifications for Microsoft Teams

If you are not getting notifications in Microsoft Teams for a specific channel that you are part of and missing out on some important chat conversations then its most likely that notifications are disabled for this channel,

In order to turn on Channel notifications in Teams go to Channel you want to enable notification and click on the three dots -> Channel Notifications, select Banner and Feeds from the drop-down in order to enable notifications. This will notify you every time a new post is added to the channel.

teams turn off channel notifications
teams turn off channel notifications

If you do not want to notified for all the alerts you can even choose from these 3 types of settings that you will find in channel notifications:

  1. All new posts: This will notify you everytime someone starts a new conversation in the channel
  2. Include all replies: This will notify you any time someone replies to a conversation.
  3. Channel mentions: This will notify you whenever someone mentions the channel with @ sign

Note: If you use the "Reset to default" option this will turn on notification for all items and you will be notified for all the activities by a desktop banner notification.

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