Steps to Delete or Deactivate Instagram Account

If you have decided to remove your Instagram account and looking for help on how to get it deleted, well be sure about it if you delete your Insta account, you will lose all your reels, photos, and videos, and all your followers, likes and comments, i.e. everything associated with your account will be permanently gone.

Based on your intent, you can either delete your Instagram account temporarily (i.e. deactivate it) or permanently.

Steps: How to deactivate Instagram account Temporarily

Note this will not delete but deactivate your account temporarily, if you login back again to your Instagram user, your account will be active again, from where you left it, and all your reels, photos, images, commands, and like will be back.

You can deactivate your account from various devices, let us take a look at all of them,

Deactivate Instagram account from Android/iPhone/iPad App

  • Open Instagram App,
  • Now Tap on your Profile icon at the bottom of the app,
  • Tab on the hamburger icon (3 lines at the top) and select Settings,
  • Tab on Account,
  • Scroll down the list and select Delete Account,
  • You will see the screen "Deactivate your account instead of deleting?", select Deactivate Account
  • You will be asked to fill in why you want to deactivate your account and select options from the dropdown,
    - Private concerns
    - Created a second account
    - Can't find people to follow
    - Want to remove something
    - Too busy/too distracting
    - Just need a break
    - Too many ads
    - Trouble getting started
    - Something else
  • Enter your password again and click "Temporarily Deactivate Account" button
  • You will be logged out of Instagram and your account is now temporarily deactivated.

Step by steps screenshots to deactivate your Instagram account

Tap on the user profile icon on Instagram App
Step 1: Tap on the user profile icon

Select Settings on your Instagram Mobile App
Step 2: Select Settings

Tap on Account on Instagram Mobile App
Step 3: Tap on your Account

Select Delete Account on Instagram Mobile App
Step 4: Tap Delete Account

Fill in the Instagram Account Deactivation form
Step 5: Fill in the Instagram Account Deactivation Form

Deactivate Instagram account button on Mobile App
Step 6: Deactivate Instagram account button

Steps: Deactivate Instagram account from Computer: PC/Mac/Chromebook

  • Open a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari) on your computer and visit,
  • Now click on your Profile Picture Icon and click on Edit Profile,
    Edit Profile on Instragram Website
  • Scroll down and next to submit button click on "Temporarily Deactivate Your Account",
  • Fill in the details and re-enter your account password,
  • Click on "Temporarily Deactivate Account" and click Yes to confirm.

Steps: How to permanently delete your Instagram Account

  1. From a Web Browser Visit:
  2. Click on your Profile Picture and click "Edit Profile"
  3. Select an option from the dropdown to say why you want to delete your account.
  4. Re-enter your account password,
  5. Click Delete YOUR-USER-NAME.
Delete Instagram account Page

You will see a note saying your account will be deleted a month from the date you delete it. Make sure to take a backup of your account data or you can anything log in to undo the deletion of your Instagram account if you change your mind.

If you continue, your profile and account details will be deleted on DATE. You won't be visible on Instagram between now and then. If you change your mind, you can log back in before the deletion date and choose to keep your account.

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