How to Install Compare Two Files Plugin in Notepad++

If you have just downloaded and started using the Notepad++ text editor and you are wondering where is the option to compare two files or the plugin that can help you do this, well, mostly it will not be available to you by default, you would have to get it installed from the Plugins Admin...,

Installing Compare plugin Notepad++

  1. On the Menu click on Plugin,
  2. Now click on Plugin Admin...,
    Notepad++ Plugin Admin
  3. Now search for Compare,
    Notepad++ Plugin Admin Select Compare
  4. Now click on the install button,
  5. You will get an alert "Notepad++ is about to exit" select yes,
    Notepad++ is about to exit Message

Once Notepad++ restarts, you should be able to see the Compare plugin available under Plugin -> Compare

Compare Plugin Notepad++
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