How to subscribe nest aware?

Google Nest Aware App.

Nest Aware is a paid subscription service that lets you keep informed of about important events at your home. If you have an Google Nest compatible device, you can add a Nest Aware subscription to save your recorded footage. You can choose from below plans that are available that you can choose from based on your needs and preferences,

Nest Aware subscriptions are billed monthly or yearly, and is currently available in below countries,

Country Nest Aware monthlyNest Aware Plus monthlyNest Aware yearlyNest Aware Plus yearly
Australia $9$18$90$180
Austria €5 €10 €50 €100
Belgium €5 €10 €50 €100
Canada $8$16$80$160
Denmark 40 Kr. 80 Kr. 400 Kr. 800 Kr.
Finland €5 €10 €50 €100
France €5 €10 €50 €100
Germany €5 €10 €50 €100
Ireland €5 €10 €50 €100
Italy €5 €10 €50 €100
Mexico $115 $230 $1150 $2300
Netherlands €5 €10 €50 €100
New Zealand $9$18$90$180
Norway 50 Kr. 100 Kr. 500 Kr. 1000 Kr.
Spain €5 €10 €50 €100
Sweden 55 Kr. 110 Kr. 550 Kr. 1100 Kr.
Switzerland 6 Fr. 12 Fr. 60 Fr. 120 Fr.
United Kingdom €5 €10 €50 €100
United States $6$12$60$120

Rates as of March 2022 -

You can make a choice based on the plan and decide Is Nest Aware worth is!

How to Subscribe to Google Nest Aware/Nest Aware Plus

You can subscribe to Goole Nest in two ways,
1) Using Google Store
2) Using Google Home Mobile Application (this option is currently available only on Android phones).

  • Google Store Nest Aware Link:
  • Google Home App:
    1. Open Google Home app on your Android phone, if you do not have it get it installed from Play Store,
    2. Sign-in/Sign-up, Make sure you are signed in with the account that you want to make a subscription to Nest Aware.
    3. From the home view, tap on Nest Settings -> Features -> Nest Aware -> Subscribe,
    4. If you are using Nest Aware for the first time, you'll see an option to start a 30-day unpaid trial. After starting your unpaid trial is over, you would see the option to subscribe to Nest Aware.
    5. Choose your Nest Aware/Aware Plus plan your want to subscribe, and also select between monthly or annual/yearly bulling.
    6. Review the details and tab Subscribe, once done you will receive an email from Google Play

    Note that you will have to manage your Nest Aware subscription through Google Play.

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