How to remove disable google search blue triangle

Google Search has a somewhat annoying feature where it will move a small blue triangle through the results (besides the Title to the left) when you press the up (↑) or down (↓) arrow keys. In some cases if you want to move to the next result by pressing the down arrow, some results might be skipped and you may move to the results below.

Why this behavior?

This is because Google handles the up and down arrow keys in a special manner and moves a blue triangle from one result to the next when these keys are pressed.

This happens when the google search "instant predictions" are on.

The behavior is not browser-specific and occurs for all browsers.

The blue arrow appears when you are not logged in to a google account. This will not happen if you are logged in. This is handled using JavaScript, so this is not due to any browser settings.

How to stop this?
  1. As mentioned earlier, this is due to the "Google Instant Predictions" search settings - simply disable/change this search setting. Steps -
  2. From your search results page, click on the Settings button (top right).
  3. Select the first option "Search settings".
  4. Navigate to Google Instant predictions".
  5. Select "Never show Instant results".
  6. Save the settings.

The blue triangle thing should be gone now.

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