Find Nearest Gas Station using Google Map App on your Phone

Locate Gas Station Near Me using Maps App

When you are in your car, away from home on a holiday, or in a new place, it can be really difficult to find the closest gas station. For such situations, you must have the Google Maps app app installed on your mobile phone.

If you do not have it installed on your mobile phone, make sure you get it asap before you hit the road again.

Google Map for iPhone:
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Google Map for Android:
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How to locate Gas Station near you

  1. Open Google Maps (on your iPhone/Android) mobile device,
  2. Make sure that your Location Service is turned on,
  3. Now you should see Gas (or Petrol option if outside the US) option as shown in the image below, if you do not click on More option, or simply type Gas Stations in the search bar,
    Locate Nearest Gas Station near you using Google Maps App
  4. You should get a list of all Gas Stations near you with details such as,
    • The Name and Address of the gas stations,
    • Rating and reviews provided to the Gas Stations by visitors,
    • Their telephone numbers (you can even call them by clicking the call icon)
    • If the gas station is open or closed.
    • Check if they provided the type of gas/petrol you are looking for - regular, midgrade, premium, or diesel and the rates.
  5. If all looks good, you can click on the direction icon to navigate to the gas station

Click on About to see more details such as reviews, updates, and photos of the place, also accessibility details such as wheelchair-accessible entrance, public toilets, car wash, and payment services.

You can even choose from the filters such as "Open Now" and other custom filters.

Facing issues? Have Questions? Post them here! I am happy to answer!

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