Enable Dark Mode in Google Search

Enable Dark Theme in Google Search
Enable Dark Theme in Google Search (Screen-capture of Google.com)

Now that Operating Systems, Browsers, Mobile Phones, and Applications support dark mode, do you know you can also enable dark mode in Google Search as well?

How to enable dark mode in Google Search?

  1. Go to google.com
  2. Now on the bottom right of the page you would see Settings, click on it and select "Search Settings"
  3. Now under the right Menu Options select Appearance,
  4. You would see three options under "Turn Dark theme on or off" - Device Default, Dark Theme, Light Theme, select "Dark Theme"
  5. Click on save and you should get a message "Your preferences have been saved"
  6. Now your page should be redirected to google.com and you would see that the background is dark black and foreground or text appears to be white.
This should work regardless of the Operating System or the Browser that you are using.

Note: You should be logged in to your Gmail account in order to save and persist the dark mode changes.

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