Mac: How to Change Terminal Background Color

The default color of the terminal on the Mac depends on the OS Dark/Light mode that you have set on your macOS Setting. Black if its dark theme and white if light.

Mac Terminal Background in Dark Mode
Terminal - Dark Mode
Mac Terminal in Light Mode as White Background
Terminal - Light Mode

If you want to set a custom background color, follow the below steps,

  1. Open Terminal App.
  2. Now click on the Menu: Terminal -> Preferences... (Settings.. if on macOS Ventura 13 or higher)
    Go to Terminal Settings
  3. Now go to Profiles tab,
  4. Here under the Text tab, below the background you can click on Color & Effect to choose your background color.
  5. That's it! close all the Settings windows.
    Profiles - Change Terminal Background

Now even when you toggle between dark/light modes, the background color will remain the same for the Terminal app.

Custom Background Color Terminal

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