How to remove/delete a directory in Linux/macOs

There are multiple ways in which you can remove or delete a directory in Linux or macOS using Terminal commands, let us take a look at some of them,

Remove directory using rmdir command

rmdir is a command line utility that you can use to delete empty directories, this will work only when the directory is empty, let's see some examples,

 % mkdir myDir     
 % rmdir myDir

In the below example we created a directory and add a file in it, now if you try to delete the directory you will get the error "Directory not empty"

 % mkdir myDir     
 % cd myDir 
 % touch myFile.txt
 % cd ..

 % rmdir myDir
rmdir: myDir: Directory not empty

Remove directory using rm command

If you want to remove a directory that contains directories and files in it you can make use of rm -r command,

 % rm myDir 

rm: myDir: is a directory

 % rm -r myDir

If you get no error and you are returned to the prompt returns, your command was successfully executed and the dir should be deleted.

remove or delete directory using linux command

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