bash: cls: command not found

bash cls command not found error
bash cls command not found error

Reason: This error indicates that either you have typed a wrong command or the command does not exist, to be honest, if you are on a UNIX operating system such as macOS this command is not a valid command, you should be using clear instead. cls is a clear screen command for Windows Command Prompt (MS-DOS)

Solution: You should use clear command instead! ✔️

Know more about the clear command by typing help clear

$ clear help
Usage: clear [options]

  -T TERM     use this instead of $TERM
  -V          print curses-version
  -x          do not try to clear scrollback


  • Haha! Dude, I was like! "Why is this command not working", where am I doing it wrong! Until I googled it and realized that I am running a Linux command on Windows! Lolz Thank
    12 Nov 2020 17:22:12 GMT
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