How to Close Safari in Mac using Keyboard shortcut

An easy way to quit or close the Safari browser for macOS is by pressing Command ⌘ + Q keyboard buttons together!

✏️ Safari Application Quit/Close Keyboard shortcut: Command ⌘ + Q

Mac Safari Application Quit or Close Keyboard Shortcut
✏️ Command + Q is the standard way of closing any macOS application.
Safari Icon on the dock
Safari Icon on the dock

Note: If the Safari Application is pinned to the dock, the app icon will be visible there but the app open indicator (by a dot as you see in the above image) will disappear, when you open Safari again it will re-load again.

On the contrary, if you have de-selected the option to keep Safari in the dock, you will see that as you quit the app using a keyboard shortcut the icon promptly disappears from the dock as well

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