Fix Error CAA50021 - Number of retry attempts exceeds expectation - Microsoft 365 Apps

You may get CAA50021 Error while trying to log into the Microsoft 365 Apps like Teams on your Computer.

Errror Message Text:
Something went wrong
We couldn't sign you in. 

If this error persists, contact your system administrator and provide the error code CAA50021.

Additional problem information
Error code: CAA50021
Correlation ID: XX-XX-XX-XX
Timestamp: 2023-02-04T12:37:49Z
More information:
Server message: Number of retry attempts exceeds expectation.
Error CAA50021

Fix: CAA50021 Error

Try to re-register your device getting the CAA50021 error with the Azure AD by following the below steps,

  • Open Run Dialog by pressing Windows + R keys,
  • Open Command prompt by typing cmd
  • Now on the Command Prompt type: dsregcmd /leave and hit enter
  • Go to Windows Admin Console :
  • Now delete MS-Organization-Access and MS-Organization-P2P-Access from the cert store and set AzureAdJoined as no.
  • Open Task Scheduler, select Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Workplace Join
  • Start the Automatic-Device-Join task

If the above steps do not work try out the various other troubleshooting options as listed on the learn Microsoft Website.

- Reset Microsoft 365 activation state
- Remove Office credentials
- Perform a manual recovery
- Check BrokerPlugin process
- Make sure user licenses are assigned
- Check if user device registration is enabled in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
- Leave and rejoin Azure AD


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