Bash Command to Exit Script in Terminal

Exiting a running Bash Script in Terminal

    If for some reason a bash script is running too long and you want to exit its execution, then you can make press the keyboard keys Control + C.

    bash-3.2$ ./ 

    When you press Control + C you will see a ^C character displayed on the Terminal and you are returned back to the bash shell prompt.

    To exit script execution the keyboard shortcut is the same regardless of your operating system - macOS/Ubuntu/Linux/Windows.

    Exit a Bash Script using Control + C

Exiting a Script from within a Bash Script

    On the other hand if you want to exit the script from within it, then you can make use of the exit 0 command. When this command is encountered while execution the script will terminal and return back to the prompt.

    sleep 10
    exit 0
    echo "Hello there"

    When you run the above script, it exits at line number 2, and the 3rd echo line is not printed.

    Exit a bash script using exit 0 command

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