[Fix] Steam Friends Network Unreachable Error

Recently when I restarted my Mac, I got the error message when Steam was getting booted up: "Friends Network Unreachable" - This failure may indicate that your local network is offline or that the Steam Friends servers are currently offline. It seems the reason because I was at a new place and the WiFi was not connected,

Steam Friends Network Unreachable error
Steam Friends Network Unreachable Error Message


  1. Try Retry Connection a few times,
  2. Check if your WiFi is working fine - do you have an internet connection, best way is to open Safari/Chrome or any other web browser and see if you are able to open any website.
  3. If you are not fix your WiFi/Internet connection issue - or switch to other network,
  4. If your internet connection seems fine, go to the Steam health check page to see if they have any server outage
  5. Check on Twitter or Reddit to see if people are complaining about the same!

Make sure you click on Retry connection - once you switch your network or you fix any issue network related issues to connect..

✌️One such website (unofficial) to check Steam Server Health is https://steamstat.us


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