How to show console in Eclipse IDE

If somehow you are unable to see the Console window on your Eclipse IDE, or you accidentally closed the tab for it, here are some ways to get it,

Option 1: Using the Menu Options

  1. On the menu click on Window
  2. Now select on Show View -> Console
See Console tab in Eclipse

Option 2: Using Keyboard Shortcut

Windows:Alt + Shift ⇧ + Q and then press C 
macOS: Option ⌥ + Command ⌘ + Q and then press C

Option 3: Using Help Search

Just search Console under Help menu option and you will get ways to reach the console,

Eclipse Help Search for Console

Option 4: Using Reset Prespective

  • Go to Menu: Window,
  • Now select Prespective -> Reset Prespective
Eclipse Reset Prespective for Console

Note: You will lose all your custom view settings by doing so.


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