Fix: Eclipse Cant Connect to any repository not Authorized Error GitHub

Eclipse Cant Connect to any repository not Authorized Error

Problem Occurred

'Push to myrepo refs/heads/main - origin' has encountered a problem.
Can't connect to any repository: 
( not authorized)

There could be multiple reasons for this issue,

  1. You might be using the repo with a GitHub username and password: Authentication Support for password has been removed since August 13, 2021
  2. The Access Token might have expired.

Fix: Authorized Error

  • Login to your GitHub Account.
  • Go to Settings from your user icon,
  • From the sidebar select Developer Settings
  • Personal Access Tokens -> Personal access tokens (Classic)
  • Generate a new Token, select repo option (others if applicable)
  • Copy the Token
  • Go to Eclipse Preferences -> General -> Security -> Secure Store -> Clear Password Cache
  • Now try to do a Git Pull, you would get a prompt to enter your username and password. Enter the git username and the token just generated and click log in.
Add GitHub Username and Token in Eclipse

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