How to Access Terminal (Command Line) in Eclipse IDE

As a Software Developer one spends most of the time either in an IDE like Eclipse or trying to run commands or scripts on the Terminal (Mac or Linux) or the Command Line.

Nowadays almost all IDEs are equipped with a Terminal embedded in the tool itself.

Steps to Open Terminal in Eclipse

  1. Open Eclipse,
  2. Go to the Menu: Window -> Show View
    Show Terminal in Eclipse IDE
  3. Select Terminal (if you do not see it click on Others and Look for Terminal)
  4. You should see the Terminal View
Eclipse Terminal View

Open Terminal with the PWD in Eclipse

There is another way you can view the Terminal which can be quite useful if you want to open a specific location path in the project in the Console,

  1. Be on the file or package location where you can open the terminal.
  2. Now Go to Menu: Navigate -> Show in -> Terminal
    Eclipse Navigate - Show in - Terminal
  3. This will open Terminal View with the present working directory as the current project folder (or the folder in which the file is currently open).
Open Terminal in Eclipse with current pwd

How to Open Multiple Terminals

To open multiple terminals in eclipse, you can click on the below icons next to a terminal view.

Open Multiple Terminals in Eclipse

Note: You also have the option to open a Terminal using SSH and Telnet.

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