[Tutorial] Installing Python on Visual Studio Code

This Tutorial should not take more than 10 minutes to follow and complete.

In this Tutorial, we will see step-by-step how to install Python on Visual Studio Code and execute the "Hello World" program to test!

Step 1: Prerequisites

- Make sure you have Python 3 Installed on your device.

- Make sure you have Visual Studio Code Installed on your device (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Tutorial: Installing Python using Brew

Step 2: Downloading VS Code Python Extension

  • Open VS Code,
  • Now Open Palette using Keyboard shortcuts:

    For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P
    For Mac: ⌘ Command + Shift + P

  • Now Type and select > Extensions: Install Extensions
  • Now Search for Python and click install.
    Install Python Extenstion on VS Code
  • And you are all set to get started with Python Programming in VS Code!

Step 3: Testing using Hello Python! Program

  • From the Menu select File -> New File
  • Wirte print("Hello Python!")
  • Save the file as "hello.py"
  • You will see an alert "Do you want to install the recommended extensions for Python?" click Install
    Do you want to install the recommended extensions for Python
  • Go to your hello.py file and you should see a execute button at the top (as shown in the image), click on it
  • You should see Hello Python! on Console!
Hello World Example using Python on VS Code
Congratulations! You have installed Python on VS Code and ran the "hello world!" example!

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